At least 21 kids injured when platform collapses at indoor gym


Twenty one children and two adults were injured when a structure collapsed at a parkour center in San Diego Saturday.

The authorities have not yet released any official cause behind the collapse of the stairwell. All are expected to survive.

AT least 21 kids have been left injured after a stairwell collapsed at a San Diego gym.

Twenty-one children and two adults were hospitalized.

Fire department spokesman Jose Ysea said numerous children were taken to hospitals. Many parents were probably using a Groupon that had been offered for the event.

Joe Saari said that when he and his wife dropped off their two children for a few hours, there were 100 to 150 kids at the warehouse, which includes trampolines and bouncy houses. The couple were heading back home to Chula Vista when one of their children called and said there had been an accident.

He also explained how tough the evening was for parents who came in search of their children. Injuries were "very minor to moderate". The gym specializes in parkour, which is a sport that requires athletes to navigate obstacle courses.

Zacharty Smith, who went to the parkour centre with his son, described the scene to the LA TImes as a "freak accident". On the particular night that the incident took place the gym was open for children between the ages of five and 14. I am just as devastated for all the children affected as any other parent. Many victims were being carried off in ambulances by medical personnel.