Apple Wins $120 Million From Samsung In Slide To Unlock Patent Case


The next step would have been to bring this case to the highest court of the land.

A jury awarded Apple $120 million and Samsung $160,000 in May 2014 but the case has been bouncing through the appeals system for the past three years.

The Supreme Court has now decided once and for all that it wouldn't hear Samsung's appeal and was sticking to the $120 million jury award. As a result, Samsung will not get a chance to overturn part of the original verdict that found Samsung guilty of infringing on patents belonging to rival Apple. Earlier, the Supreme court ruled in favor of Samsung, however, in October of this year was organized by a new trial.

We've asked Samsung for its response to the Supreme Court decision. Samsung wants the court to formulate a fair compensation based on profits from the units sold (as per US' Design Patent Act of 1887).

Samsung and Apple agreed in 2014 to drop all patent disputes outside the United States, marking a partial ceasefire in a seemingly relentless legal war between the world's two tech giants. It is interesting that it comes at a time when the "slide to unlock" feature on Apple phones has stopped being the primary way to unlock the Apple devices. The case majorly involves Apple's iconic slide to unlock patents and a few other less famous patents such as Apple's "quick link" feature which automatically turns information such as a phone number into a clickable link.

Samsung believed that the patent court judges violated procedure as they failed to consider oral arguments, hear additional evidence, wrongfully changed a law about invalidating patents, and erred in injunction awards. That amount excluded another $382 million in damages for allegations that Samsung copied Apple's packaging materials. Apple has yet to comment on the court's judgment.

Although 120 million Dollars sounds pretty impressive, it is just a fraction of the total USD 2 billion demanded by Apple's lawyers from Samsung for the infringement.