Apple reportedly planning an iPhone SE 2 for Q1 2018


The new iPhone, which is expected to hit stores in 2018, will be a relatively reasonable investment for a user looking to enter the Apple family.

Walmart is offering $300 gift cards on Apple iPhone X for prospective buyers who go for AT&T or Verizon device purchase plans. We will likely hear more as we get closer Q1.

Black Friday 2017 - Best deals and offers on top technology Thu, November 9, 2017 BLACK FRIDAY 2017 kicks off on November 24 and here's some of the best deals available right now. "As an example, a 2.3GHz MacBook Pro 128GB drops from $1899 to a much more affordable $1709.10, while a snazzy new MacBook Air 13" 128GB dips down to $1276.20 from $1418.

Get $350 in savings on an iPhone X or iPhone 8 when you trade in an eligible device at Sprint and sign up for its Sprint Flex monthly payments.

Mobile service providers Sprint, AT&T and Verizon are offering pretty good deals in terms of monthly payments and services if you chose their contract.

But there is one member of the iPhone family that deserves a mention: the diminutive iPhone SE.

Amazon sell unlocked 64GB iPhone X for $1,325 while Walmart, Best Buy and Target offer the device in a network ready monthly payment basis. In addition to this, we are also covering Black Friday deals extensively, so do check them out as well.

Apple is not the only store offering United Kingdom customers the chance to get their Christmas shopping done at a discounted rate. That's a $360 savings over the life of the contract.

If you add up to five new lines to a Verizon account, you can get the Asus ZenFone V for free.