Apple releases patch for 'i' autocorrect bug for iPhone, iPad


iOS 11.1.1 fixes an autocorrect bug experienced by some iPhone users.

Apple has released iOS 11.1.1 for all iPhone and iPad customers.

Between all that and general skepticism many people have about new iOS updates, it's not surprising people have been a little slower to update than in previous years. Shortly after users began downloading and installing it on their devices, reports surfaced that typing an "i" resulted in other letters appearing, such as a capital "A" and a symbol.

The release comes a couple of days after it emerged Apple Pay Cash will arrive in iOS 11.2.

Apple says the new update "Fixes an issue with keyboard auto-correct" and "Fixes an issue where Hey Siri stops working". Were you affected by the issue?

Apple's heavily-touted Venmo rival will enable contacts to send and receive cash, with funds stored on an virtual Apple Pay Cash debit card.

Apple is expected to release iOS 11.2 soon, although it has not specified the launch date. Users can also connect their phones to a computer and download the new software from iTunes. Instead, the debit or credit card is used to buy the digital Apple Pay Cash card, which will be sent to the recipient.

The new Apple Pay improvements are also expected in the upcoming Apple Watch update watchOS 4.2.

Owners were previously able to use a workaround through the iPhone keyboard's text replacement option.