A Twitter Employee Deleted Donald Trump's Twitter Account


Numerous president's 41.8 million followers who ally themselves with his views were obviously aghast at the action, while opponents at first thought Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had finally pulled the plug on the divisive account. However, the account's nonexistence didn't last long, and the page returned with its usual appearance. The reason this happened? At first, Twitter said it was an "inadvertent" human error.

Meanwhile, former Republican member of Congress, David Jolly, wrote: "Just gonna say it, the employee at Twitter who shut off Trump's account for 11 mins could become a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize".

Trump has insisted on maintaining his direct access to the public via his Twitter habits, and has been criticised for using an unsecured Android phone.

"We are conducting a full internal review", it added.

But quite a few Twitter users admitted they would never forget the "minutes of peace" they had while Trump was offline.

Twitter's government and elections team initially issued a statement on the incident Thursday night. Many Twitter users sent out screenshots of the temporarily nonexistent page. Twitter's rules let the company suspend accounts for violent threats, gender-based attacks and other forms of abuse and harassment.

Roger Stone, a longtime associate of Trump, was suspended by Twitter on Saturday after lashing out at CNN anchor Don Lemon. "This is like when Lindbergh disappeared in The Plot Against America", tweeted New York Times TV critic James Poniewozik. As for Trump, he's back to tweeting and hasn't missed a beat since the account went down.

With any past president, a tweet like that would immediately be assumed as the result of some sort of hack.