'A Quiet Place' Debuts a Creepy First Trailer


The movie follows a family living in a secluded area in total silence to avoid drawing the attention of a mysterious entity which thrives on sound.

"If they can't hear you, they can't hunt you" the teaser trailer enigmatically warns as it flashes through shots of the horrified, silent Blunt and Krasinski. Watch the trailer below as well as links to photos from Hollywood's stay in Little Falls, one of New York State's smallest cities. These people are terrified of something, and they've seemingly given their lives over to it by doing everything that they can to avoid making any noise.

The trailer shows the family as they move quietly around their run-down home and property, using sign language to communicate with each other and playing Monopoly with felt pieces. But perhaps that's how deeply this thing (or these things) has a hold over them. Whatever is out there, it's coming for them now.

What did you think about the first trailer for A Quiet Place?

It's the first time that The Office star and his wife have appeared on screen together.

Silence is a very cheap and very simple way to build suspense because we know that if it is quiet right now, that means that it is about to get very loud. A Quiet Place premieres next April.