WWE Superstar Neville May Have Quit The Company


We noted earlier that WWE denied to us that he quit the company but that there were people in the wrestling business that believed that he did indeed walk out and quit before Raw. His last TV match came on the September 26th edition of WWE 205 Live, a win over Ariya Daivari. Apparently, Neville was scheduled to lose to Enzo.

The Wrestling Observer website is also reporting about the rumors surrounding Neville. Plans for the show had called for Amore vs. Neville in a non-title match before they were changed.

Neville has been one of WWE's best performers of 2017, but stories are emerging that the high-flying British star could be set to quit WWE.

Neville's last appearance on television was during the segment where Kalisto joined the cruiserweight division on Raw last week.

In about the same length of time he has been dethroned as champion and now the man who took his title has already lost it to Kalisto, with those two in a rematch for the title at TLC while Neville languishes outside of the title picture.

This ATROCITY is not on the NEVILLE LEVEL.

Needless to say, WWE would be insane to let the man who held the cruiserweight division together for most of this year walk away. Neville isn't a main eventer, but has proved himself a massive asset in 2017, and he'd be an immediate boon to any smaller promotion.

If it's true. Could we finally see The Man That Gravity Forgot Vs The Aerial Assassin.