WWE Hell In A Cell - All the match results


I assume New Day is entitled to a rematch, but on the other hand, how was this not the blow off?

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 was decent despite some dud matches in the middle. Going by the way Orton's been making side character Aiden English look good in this feud, I think Rusev might take this one. The match started outside the Hell in a Cell structure, but Owens quickly tried to hide inside the cage, until McMahon kicked him in the face through the steel, then locked the two of them inside.

Owens and McMahon's issues stem all the way back to SummerSlam, where McMahon served as the Special Guest Referee for Owens and AJ Styles' United States Championship match. There was more psychology in this Cell match then we've seen in recent memory.

It was another unspectacular title defense by Jinder.

Nakamura appeared to have the match won after hitting the Kinshasa knee. Hence, Natalya retained the belt. The US Title and WWE Championship are getting a lot of attention, but Charlotte is nearly guaranteed to walk out of Detroit with the SmackDown Women's Championship on her shoulder because WWE officials have major plans for her after WWE Hell in a Cell.

[Tag Team Champs] The New Day vs.

The Smack Down Tag team championship witnessed high flying Usos taking on defending champions The New Day. The Usos survived, placing a chair on Xavier Woods' chest and hitting a Double Uce for the win. Therefore, if this is the final blow-off match for these two teams, the heels winning the titles would seem to be the smartest decision.

-While Owens/Shane had the biggest bumps, the best match of the night was the tag match in the Hell in a Cell that opened the show. Considering he's on the same show as AJ Styles, that's a pretty bold statement.

While Corbin is outside the ring, AJ Styles hits Tye Dillinger with the Phenomenal Forearm.

While Dolph probably deserves the win, I, nonetheless, wouldn't be surprised to see Roode go over, if only because he just returned to the main roster and probably needs a win more than Ziggler. His Zig Zag to Roode after the finish will only fuel the feud's momentum. Orton at this point in his career needs to be pushing talent, not burying it. (John Cena, I'm looking in your direction as well.) Rusev or I riot.or just tune out WWE for a while. Orton slid away from the hold before he could pull it off, stood up, and caught Rusev with an RKO.

However, the night began with an impressive win by Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin as they defeated the Hype Bros.

Gable and Benjamin got the victory, putting them one step closer toward getting a title shot.

Nakamura's rival for best entrance in WWE, Bobby Roode, picked up his first pay-per-view win, thanks to pulling the tights on the pin better than Dolph Ziggler did early.