'White Widow' Sally Jones: British Isis recruiter killed in Syria strike


In 2013, she left her home with her then 8-year old son Jojo - leaving her older son behind - to joine the Islamic State "caliphate".

Pentagon spokesman Maj Adrian Rankine-Galloway said: "I do not have any information that would substantiate that report but that could change and we are looking into this".

A 2015 airstrike killed Hussain, and now experts say she died the same way, along with her 12-year-old son.

Sally Jones, who became known in British newspapers as the White Widow, was killed by a US Air Force Predator strike that took place close to the border between Syria and Iraq.

Once in Syria, she married ISIS member Junaid Hussain, with whom she was having an online relationship.

She was one of the most wanted terrorists in the group.According to the media reports, she was eliminated by a drone attack while trying to escape from besieged Raqqa.

Referring to reports her son was killed in the strike, he added: "It is a hard one because under the UN Charters he is under the age of what we would classify as a soldier". She was nicknamed the "White Widow" after this. She was setting up all-female terrorist cells to attack Western countries, The Times of London reported.

"The UK and United States military has been working closely together on a number of high-profile targets in recent months and Jones is believed to have been on that list".

Jonesreportedly used an image of herself stylized as a nun and pointing a gun towards the camera when she posted propaganda online. Jones always traveled with her son as a human shield to avoid assassination.

Major Gen Chip Chapman, the former head of counter-terrorism at the Ministry of Defence, told the Press Association that she would have been a "significant" target due to her marriage to Hussain and role as a recruiter.