' We're on the Right Path': Trump Responds to Senator Corker's WWIII Accusations


Bob Corker of having worked with Democrats and the Obama administration to make the Iran nuclear deal happen.

The Tennessee senator added that the majority of Senate Republicans privately had reservations about the president. Bob Corker and is now suggesting that the Tennessee Republican's conversation with The New York Times was recorded without his awareness.

It's not unusual for Trump to engage in a Twitter attack, but given the high-profile roles in the US government the two men hold, it's all but unprecedented in recent memory.

WSJ weighs in: The conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal thinks Corker spoke the truth about the president's "lack of discipline, short fuse, narcissism and habit of treating even foreign heads of state as if they are Rosie O'Donnell", and it hopes other top Republicans follow Corker's lead because it might actually help. Everything seemed to be going along fairly well between them until Senator Corker made several curious comments to the media. I said "NO" and he dropped out (said he could not win without.my endorsement).

"I understand we're on the record", Corker said at the beginning of the phone call with The New York Times.

Corker, who is not seeking re-election in 2018, disputed Trump's version of events. "I stand by my statement".

Corker warned that Trump was viewed as a threat to the United States national security and global stability warning that he could prompt "World War III". Bob Corker is apparently still on, based on the new nickname the president bestowed upon Corker Tuesday morning. When Corker later called Trump to tell him that he had chose to retire - a decision Corker made on his 65th birthday, August 24 - the president expressed disappointment, the congressional official said.

"I think that's a decision for Sen".

Corker's comments have already infuriated Trump's base. Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon called on Corker to resign, while House Budget Chairman Diane Black (R-Tenn.) took Trump's side over her home state colleague.