Utah parents left 3-year-old at corn maze


Corn mazes are one of the many fun, fall activities that crop up each year around the country, but for one 3-year-old boy, being left behind in a maze made for a scary night.

It wasn't until the next morning when a woman called police at 7:45 a.m.to say she couldn't find her little boy and feared he was still in the corn maze.

A couple from Utah ended up leaving their child behind at a maze on Monday night but didn't realize he was missing until Tuesday morning. "She realized she may have left him at the corn maze and called us", West Jordan police Sgt. Joe Monson told the Salt Lake Tribune.

"Sounds like this is a dwelling with multiple families and a lot of children living in the same home", Monson told the station.

"She said that she believes she might have left him at the corn maze", Monson said.

The boy is expected to be reunited with his family. Security personnel started to search and Schmidt went through the maze with a bullhorn, calling out for anyone who might be missing a child, he said.

Police have issued no citations, noting the incident had been turned over the DFS for investigation and it is unclear rather or not they have released the child back into parental custody. These are all questions investigators want to ask'.