Twitter developing a 'save for later' feature to privately bookmark tweets


Besides the addition of the bookmarking feature, the general layout will also be shuffled, changing the way tweets are presented. You could either Like a tweet or by DMing it to your self.

When a user will save a tweet, a bar will appear along with a shortcut saying "View Bookmarks".

Born out of a Hack Week, Twitter is now developing a native feature that should provide an easier alternative that maintains privacy.

Using #SaveForLater, Twitter product manager Jesar Shah tweeted a GIF of an early prototype of the bookmarking process.

Twitter wants to build the new bookmarking tool with the community's help and feedback. It was a long due feature and it is unusual that Twitter took it this long to implement.

As it is in its early stages, Twitter is monitoring feedback on designs and experiments via the #SaveForLater hashtag.

The product manager of Twitter, Jesar Shah has also shared a quick demo regarding this new Save for Later feature which you can find out in the above tweets which was shared by him through his own Twitter handle. None of the above-mentioned methods are as convenient as clicking a button to save the tweet.

What's key for Twitter to get right is the interface for viewing saved tweets. If you see a tweet you like, just tap the options button near the Like button and then tap on the add-to-bookmarks option. If you select Share via DM option, you will be able to send this Tweet to a recipient via Direct Message.

You would then access your bookmarks by clicking on your profile photo, which now brings up a drop-down menu showing "Lists", "Moments", and your privacy settings. You can choose from these options to a particular tweet.

The planned bookmarking feature follows Twitter's recent announcement that it's testing a 280 character limit for tweets, doubling the current 140 character limit.