Trump "not at all surprised" by Harvey Weinstein harassment allegations


"I'm not at all surprised", the president continued, referencing the allegations brought against Weinstein in the wake of theNew York Times report of decades of harassment by the producer on various women.

We saw Lisa Friday and asked her if she felt working with Weinstein was a conflict of interest, and she said no. because of the way he has responded to his allegations.

"I've known Harvey Weinstein a long time", Trump replied.

"It is essential to our company's culture that all women who work for it or have any dealings with it or any of our executives are treated with respect and have no experience of harassment or discrimination", the board said, according to a copy of the statement released by The Hollywood Reporter.

Trump's reaction to the controversy surrounding Weinstein comes after his son got into a contentious exchange about the issue with Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter and on the one-year anniversary of the leaked Access Hollywood tape where Trump was heard talking to Billy Bush which was later referred to as the "Pussygate" scandal.

Despite the eventual golden-parachute exit of Ailes from the cable news network a year ago, more and more cases of such behavior by others at FNC have come out in the ensuing months.

Weinstein, 65, issued a statement Thursday announcing his plans to take a leave of absence.

The company announced the hiring of attorney John Kiernan, along with his partners Matthew Fishbein, a former chief assistant USA attorney; and Helen Cantwell, a former federal and state prosecutor.

The allegations against Weinstein go back decades, and eight women have settled claims with him.

On Friday, television journalist Lauren Sivan told HuffPost that Weinstein trapped her in a restaurant hallway and masturbated in front of her in 2007. "I appreciate the way I've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it".

Weinstein - whose credits include "Pulp Fiction", "Clerks" and "The Crying Game" - also co-founded Miramax.

"That's locker room. That's locker room", Trump said.

The company is now prepping a Oscar campaign for the Taylor Sheridan-directed Wind River, about the rape and victimization of Native American women.

TWC COO/president Glasser, who joined the company as head of worldwide in 2008, has always been a stabilizing buffer between the sometimes gruff Weinstein brothers and TWC's staff, talent and the Hollywood community.