Trump at Anti-LGBT Summit: 'The Times Are Changing Back Again'


President Donald Trump at an event in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017.

"We're getting near that lovely Christmas season that people don't talk about any more, they don't use the word Christmas because it is not politically correct", Trump said.

"In protecting America's interests overseas, we will always support our cherished friend and partner, the State of Israel".

"Bureaucrats think they can run your lives, overrule your values and tell you how to think", President Trump added.

Donald Trump will become the first sitting president to speak at the event, which is hosted by the anti-LGBTQ group Family Research Council.

He noted, as Christian conservatives often do, that there are four references to the "creator" in the Declaration of Independence, saying "religious liberty is enshrined" in the nation's founding documents. You know, now they're changing back again. "We protect religious liberty", he said. These and millions of other voters went heavy for the "working-class billionaire", whom they saw as someone who would push back against an assault on their values and way of life.

Since taking office in January "we have followed through on one promise after another", Trump claimed.

"We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values", Trump said as he touched on the key values and issues of the members of the audience. "I didn't have a schedule, but if I did have a schedule I would say we are substantially ahead of schedule". 'And as a Christmas gift to all of our hard-working families, we hope Congress will pass massive tax cuts for the American people'.

But there was no hesitation among the crowd in its fervor for Trump, as he threw out plenty of red meat and hit many religious themes, despite showing an unfamiliarity with Scripture in the past.

The President received a roaring approval from the crowd and a standing ovation when he mentioned the War on Christmas and how department stores and others have been bullied by political correctness.

"As long as we have pride in our country, confidence in our future and faith in our God, then America will prevail", Trump said.

He again used the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism", one that Barack Obama studiously avoided, to cheers and applause, and made the questionable assertion: "We've done more against Isis in nine months than the previous administration's done during its whole administration - by far, by far".

Trump, speaking to the Values Voter Summit, says the people he likes are the people who said nice things about him before they met him. He opened his speech by mentioning the tragedy in Las Vegas and the need for prayer at this hard time.

80 percent of white evangelicals cast their vote for Trump last November, according to exit polls.