Security Staff Involved In United Airlines Dragging Incident Fired


A violent altercation followed as officers tried to remove him, leaving other fliers visibly and audibly shocked. One of the officers yanked Dao out of the seat when he refused to leave, and dragged him down the aisle. RAW VIDEO: UNITED PASSENGER DRAGGED OFF FLIGHT AT O'HAREIn addition, passengers on the flight, which was delayed about three hours, received refunds.

A fourth officer, who was also involved was handed a five-day suspension, which was reduced to two after he appealed, NBC News reported.

An investigation by the city's Office of Inspector General found that three aviation security officers and one aviation security sergeant "mishandled" the situation, according to the office's third-quarter report.

In the videos, officers are seen aggressively grabbing and manhandling a passenger - Dr. David Dao - who was reportedly selected at random to be removed from the overbooked flight so that his seat could be given to a United crew member. They were identified only as an aviation security officer and a sergeant. In July, it decided the Chicago Police Department would respond to airport disturbance calls over security officers.

In his quarterly report, Ferguson noted that a broader review of aviation security is underway. The city also had the word "police" removed from security officer uniforms and vehicles. The incident, which happened earlier this year, left the passenger with a number of injuries, including a broken nose.

The incident proved to be a PR disaster for United Airlines and the management headed by Oscar Munoz, who is the CEO, were forced to offer a public apology and begin an investigation into the embarrassing incident.

Demetrio said in a statement that Dao "is neither vindictive nor happy" about the inspector general's findings. He was joined by the passenger's daughter. Dao lost two front teeth, broke his nose, and suffered a concussion as a result of being dragged off the plane. He would need reconstructive surgery for damaged sinuses, Demetrio added. Dao later sued the airline and settled for an an undisclosed amount. The scene had been filmed by other passengers, made the rounds of the web and led to a wave of global condemnation.