Samsung in Partnership with Microsoft Announced the Samsung HMD Odyssey Today


Here's how Lang described his VR experience of Halo: Recruit. Mixed Reality is set to launch with over 20,000 Mixed Reality apps for consumers to try out.

While we're still waiting for the news that the forthcoming Xbox One X will take advantage of WMR directly, Kipman used the recently released Cuphead to demonstrate streaming Xbox games to play on a 300-inch screen in WMR, via a Windows PC. It's a "light introduction to the world of Halo and its most iconic characters". "Oh, and its weapons and maybe a warthog".

You can try Halo: Recruit at Microsoft Stores (a list of locations was not mentioned) or by downloading it for free from the Windows Store starting on October 17.

Samsung and Microsoft officially announced the Samsung HMD Odyssey today, citing it as a "premium" option among the Windows VR headsets. The entire 35-minute presentation is embedded below, and we highly recommend watching as much of it as you can. The game was created by current series developer 343 Industries in partnership with Endeavor One, and looks like it will be more of a test run for the developer to get a feel for VR for the series in the future. However, some companies are looking beyond passive entertainment and experimenting with VR as a social platform. Yes, it's hard to envision now for most people, but Microsoft's operating system was so beloved that it drew the kind of devotion we now see with Google's Android platform and Apple's iOS software.

If you've been holding out on virtual reality because of the price or the complicated setup, Windows Mixed Reality and Samsung's HMD Odyssey may just be the solution. The studio has been inspired as a result. We now don't know anything about Halo: Recruit and it will be interesting to see if it does anything differently and how it does so. To this end, the software maker has worked with top computer manufacturers - like Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo and Samsung - to develop a more accessible head-mounted display (HMD) standard with a few ground rules.