Puerto Rico bondholders relent on recovery hopes


"The Iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence and chaos to Middle East", Trump said, noting that Iran will not allow possession of nuclear weapons.

North Korea fired a missile over Japan last month and tested a hydrogen bomb, prompting Trump to insist that "all options were on the table" in an implied threat of pre- emptive military action. Trump asked reporters in the State Dining Room.

US President Donald Trump on Friday (6 October) used an exaggerated Spanish accent to pronounce "Puerto Rico" during a speech at an event celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House and Twitter couldn't stop cringing.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the remarks on Friday in a response to Republican Senator Bob Corker's who suggested that a select group of Trump administration officials "help separate our country from chaos".

Second-guessing Trump is one of possibly the most tricky adventures for anyone to undertake in this White House.

Mr Trump's ominous comments come during a time of strained relations between the U.S. and two countries, Iran and North Korea. You protect our communities and you defend our nation, ' he said, reading off a teleprompter in the room. "This is a real humanitarian crisis that going on our third week and continues to unfold".

Whatever Stephen Paddock intended when he chose to go on a murderous rampage in Las Vegas on Sunday night, it probably wasn't to stop Donald Trump focusing on North Korea. "I wouldn't say that he's messing with the press", Sanders said. "Do we have a duty to try and find out what in the world he means, if anything?"

Tensions have also escalated between the USA and North Korea recently.