Over 100+ Games Now Available To Play On PlayStation VR


The first headset has been a success, with a flood of games also available since launch a year ago, but there are a couple of niggles with the original that the new version will iron out. For instance, the old one's model number CUH-ZVR1, and the new one is CUH-ZVR2.

If you want to pick up the newer model when it's released, you'll have to check the box to see that you're getting the right one.

Up next in the continuing series of articles that should be entitled "early adaptors, save your money, you fools", Sony has announced that PS VR upgraded hardware is in the pipeline.

In the FAQ section of the PlayStation website, Sony reveals that "a hardware update to PlayStation VR is being prepared". Unfortunately, you can't just swap processor units with your old PS VR headset, as the cables are different, says Sony. While there's no launch date for that model in the US, it may be worth holding off until it launches, especially because Sony is promising that prices won't change.

In addition, the connection cable will be slimmer and more streamlined, reducing the weight and drag of the existing leads. Pricing (including bundles) will also remain the same as the original. The unit will come in a bundle with the PlayStation Camera and it will cost ¥44,980, which translates into around $400. In other words, users will not have to disconnect the unit in order to enjoy HDR-enabled content. Along with the headset, Playstation VR games also got a price cut.

Don't worry, this isn't the PSVR 2, nor is it a drastic change from the launch model, however, for those looking for an optimal VR experience on their PlayStation 4, listen up.

This ensures that Sony will continue to support the PlayStation VR, at least in the near-term.