Oscars Academy Meets to Discuss Disgraced Award Winner Harvey Weinstein's Future


NY police said Thursday they have reopened a investigation into allegations of a 2004 sexual assault by disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The organisation have "informed" the disgraced producer - who was sacked from his own Weinstein Company earlier this week in the wake of a New York Times expose, which claimed he had sexually harassed a number of women over a 30-year period and paid off at least eight to keep their allegations quiet - of their decision and admitted they felt his alleged actions were "completely unacceptable and incompatible" with their own values.

Lance Maerov, the board member who handled the contract negotiations, acknowledged in an interview that he had been told of settlements, but said that he had assumed they were used to cover up consensual affairs.

Weinstein says he is taking a "leave of absence" from The Weinstein Company and is working with a therapist.

Weinstein has not commented on his suspension. Representatives for Affleck haven't responded to messages regarding that allegation.

So far, no filed complaints have been found, he said, other than one well-known case that prompted an investigation in 2015, but authorities are encouraging anyone with information on Weinstein to contact the department.

The district attorney's office declined to press charges, and Harvey Weinstein insisted that it was a setup, but some board members and top executives anxious that Harvey Weinstein had engaged in a pattern of behavior that could jeopardize the company.

Hollywood has been rocked by allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein - which first came to light a week ago in a New York Times article. She declined the offer and never meant to complain to human resources personnel, internal records show.

Weinstein's lawyer Lisa Bloom announces her resignation, saying she understand that "Mr Weinstein and his board are moving toward an agreement". MORE: Celebs slam "disgusting" Harvey Weinstein amid assault allegationsIn her social media post, Beckinsale said Weinstein opened the door to his room wearing a bathrobe.

The incident follows a string of sexual harassment allegations being levelled against Weinstein from women who worked with him.

Beckinsale calls for a new paradigm in the industry and says "let's stop allowing our young women to be sexual cannon fodder".

His law firm, Boies, Schiller & Flexner, has represented The Weinstein Co. and its predecessor, Miramax, in a variety of legal matters. "In fact, it's one of the easiest things I don't do". Actresses Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd are among the women who come forward. "Sexual harassment is rampant in every profession imaginable". She said upon her rejections, Weinstein screamed at her, called her derogatory names, made threats and laughingly told people "Oh, Kate lives to say no to me". He said they also told him that O'Connor had submitted a letter of appreciation to the company and continued to work there for a period of time.

To address any lingering concern about Harvey Weinstein's behaviour, Maerov said he successfully pushed a new code of conduct at the company that included a detailed description of sexual harassment.