North Korea 'hacked US-South Korea war plans'


-South Korean plans detailing how to eliminate the Pyongyang leadership, during an attack on Seoul's defense data system past year, a South Korean lawmaker said.

"It was confirmed that suspected North Korean hackers hacked into the Defense Integrated Data Center and caused a massive leak of classified military documents", Rep. Rhee said Tuesday, referring to the military network system managed by the Defense Ministry.

Earlier this year, a rumor-story indicated that the U.S. Navy SEAL 6 team was training for a "decapitation attack" against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Mr Rhee said 235 gigabytes of military documents were leaked, however the content of almost 80 per cent of that has not yet been identified.

It is reported that among the stolen documents allegedly drawn up by Seoul and Washington plan of action in case of war with North Korea.

The breach of security will concern South Korea's allies and further add to the tensions between North Korea and the United States.

Speculation that Trump could travel to the contentious area was first raised by Yonhap, a South Korean news agency that spoke with an unnamed military official.

The leaks also contain information on military installations and power plants in South Korea.

"It seems likely that they are making clothing at Kaesong, just as the South Korean firms did previously, and they can be illegally exported through China or Russian Federation", he said. But the military said that only 53 gigabytes of information had been stolen, and it did not reveal what it included. This was despite the hack taking place in September 2016. The isolated state is believed to have specially-trained hackers based overseas, including in China.

North Korean hackers have also been accused of launching several large cyber attacks, including the 2014 hacking of Sony Pictures. The message comes in response to recent reports from Pyongyang's propaganda outlets indicating that the operation at the joint industrial zone has restarted.

Pyongyang conducted its fifth nuclear test on the anniversary of the founding day of North Korea previous year.