Nintendo Makes it Harder for YouTubers to Stream Their Games


Creators will have the option of either only registering individual videos, or streaming from channels not associated with the program. At the time, creators anxious over what the approval process for the Program would entail as well as the fact that Nintendo was given control over how much money they could make from their videos.

Sounds awful, right? Well it's worse if you don't register your videos to the Nintendo Creators Program.

While streaming can be a beneficial way for developers to generate interest in their games, not all game makers are keen on seeing streamers or YouTubers make bank on the backs of their releases.

Live streaming on YouTube falls outside the scope of the Nintendo Creators Program. As such, if you've registered under the Nintendo Creators Program you can not livestream any gameplay from a Nintendo game.

So with that statement in mind, it would seem that Nintendo has decided that live streaming isn't such a good idea anymore.

If you're a YouTuber then you probably don't exactly feel the warm and fuzzies in regards to Nintendo.

In the last couple of days, YouTube creators have discovered that they have been unable to link to their Patreon pages as part of the endslate editing process - unless they have monetization enabled on their videos. Cancelling the channel's registration means having to register the videos separately. "Videos which had previously been registered through your channel would need to be reregistered individually". It's being speculated that this might have been Nintendo's response to the recent controversy involving Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), as pointed out by Game Rant.

"Thank you for your ongoing support of the Nintendo Creators Program". This likely has a lot to do with the fact that Nintendo can't regulate live streams and approve them, whereas it can do that with pre-recorded content.

The Nintendo Creators Program no longer allows video creators to live stream games on YouTube.