Nest products will soon do more with Google Home


Ever since the original Google Home launched, Google has marketed the device as the ideal home companion - a device that can help the whole family with searches, schedules, recipes, alarm clocks, music playback, et cetera. Now Google has made the option live, and users can select between Voice I and Voice II now. This implies you can utilize your voice to control Spotify on any Google Assistant-bolstered gadget. If the son says "Play my favorites", Google Home will play his favorites songs from Play Music, and not his sister's list.

Broadcast is a new feature that allows one Google Home device to broadcast a message to the other devices in the home. A lot of the things Googled showed off aren't available yet, but this one is.

Additionally, the Google Home will also be sold in Japan coming soon, and Japanese owners will also be able to take advantage of features like multiple users, just like the above-named countries. This can also be used to display a live feed on your TV via Chromecast.

The Google Home platform looks like a ideal match for Nest's series of smart home products and the newly announced partnership is yielding some interesting new features.

Google knows that going forward people would largely interact with the devices and phones via voice, therefore, bringing voice assistant on every device would serve them well. In this case, telling your Home "where's my phone" will ping the nearest Android device paired with your Google account.

Music enthusiasts who love using Spotify will be happy to know that the app's voice commands will soon work with any device that supports the Google Assistant. We will keep you informed on when these features and updates will roll out!