Laptops might be banned from checked bags on planes


Are you a frequent flyer and always carry a laptop with you whenever you travel on plane?

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is warning that lithium batteries in laptop computers could cause potentially catastrophic fires aboard aircraft, and urged an worldwide aviation panel to ban laptops and other large electronic devices from global passengers' checked baggage.

The fear is that a fire in the hold could have catastrophic consequences, including the potential loss of an aircraft.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) will consider calls for a ban submitted by the US Federal Aviation Administration when its unsafe goods panel meets later this month. However, it is said that even if the organization endorses the proposal from its Dangerous Goods Panel, which is making the recommendation, it would be up to regulators in individual nations to pass rules to enforce it.

The days of having laptops in checked luggage might be coming to an end.

The reason for this new decision is centered around the issue of lithium-ion batteries running the risk of exploding. A fire broke out nearly immediately, and within 40 seconds the shampoo exploded "with the resulting fire rapidly consuming the bag and its contents".