Israel refuses to let Hamas leaders join Egypt talks


Egypt's push for Palestinian reconciliation led Hamas to dissolve the administrative committee it set up in March to run Gaza affairs, which allowed the Ramallah-based Palestinian government to travel to Gaza last week and assume responsibility of all the ministries.

"If peace prevails, Hamas will agree to allow its weapons to be under the control of the unity government", he said.

Hamas and Fatah officials are to take part in talks in Cairo but Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he would not lift sanctions imposed on Gaza before seeing a positive conclusion to those negotiations.

"There might be some difficulties on the road but we will conclude reconciliation, regardless of the cost", Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said during a meeting with Fatah officials. The IDF Spokesperson Unit said the launch constitutes a threat to the security of Israeli citizens and Hamas was being held accountable.

Fatah leader Yahya Rabah told Al-Monitor, "The government can not be a mere formality in the Gaza Strip, and it is part of its duty to oversee all security headquarters, institutions and crossings without any kind of interference".

"The contentious issues with Fatah were agreed upon during 2011 in Cairo", Yahya Moussa, a Hamas leader, told Al-Monitor. "Hamas want to open this file and discuss it", he added.

This act of reconciliation appears to be more in progress than the effort in 2014, with the Gaza government being disbanded willingly by Hamas with the aim of putting it under the unity government, awaiting an election.

Hamas is considered a terrorist organisation by the United States and the European Union, and Israel has said it would reject any reconciliation agreement in which Hamas didn't disarm. Everything is subject to discussion and depends on the prevailing conditions and the parties sponsoring reconciliation.