Hands on: Google Home Mini review


Google Home Mini has just been announced at the Made by Google event on 4 October 2017.

It can tune its audio to its own space, analyzing the sound coming from the speaker using its built in microphones to determine the best equalizer settings. Google Home will spoof the Caller ID of your phone as like Amazon did it on Echo.

Google Home Max is a high-end smart speaker aimed at people who care more about sound quality than cost.

It's available in three colors too, black, grey and coral. The puck will be available all Google Home markets and deliver the full-sized Google Assistant experience. Now the focus is hands-free calling on the Google Home. The Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max are fun-size and king-size takes on last year's $129 Google Home speaker, respectively.

You can use it as an intercom of sorts using the new broadcast feature; by placing the Home Mini in various places throughout your house, you can use it to broadcast a message to all Home devices in your house.

If the Google Home Mini is meant to be a competitor to Amazon's Echo Dot, then the Google Home Max was most certainly designed for taking on the likes of Sonos Play:5 and the upcoming Apple HomePod. The Home Mini embraces a simple rounded design, with a distinctive fabric enclosure.

It retails for $49 in the United States and is available for pre-order now. The Max can accept input as a Google Cast target, over Bluetooth, or by using the 3.5-mm auxilliary input.

The new feature has been created to make a profile out of your voice's pitch and tone and differentiate it from the rest of the household.

Google Home Max is a large speaker, and it's housing some serious hardware behind that friendly facade.

The command "Hey Google, goodnight!" can turn off all the lights, turn down the temperature and remind the user of their first meeting next day. It'll also fit in nicely with any other Home devices you have your environment, meaning multiroom audio potential. That big ticket does include a 12-month subscription for Youtube Red, which would otherwise cost $120.

Another thing that Google introduced to Google Home was voice recognition.