Google Pixel 2 can activate Do Not Disturb mode automatically when driving


While this isn't new for Google, considering our recent experiences, we still believe that Google is getting ready for a paradigm switch and we can't wait to see what they have prepared for us during Google's Pixel launch event.

The phone, which also comes in XL, features the new Google Lens function, which can recognise and give more information on subjects being photographed. The Pixel 2 can detect when you are driving and will automatically set your device to do not disturb mode and prevent any notifications from being highlighted on your device.

Using Google Translate, the company's new Pixel Buds can translate between 40 languages in real time.

The uncomfortable mode of Pixel 2 can be activated from this menu.

Google Pixel 2 XL comes with a 12.2 Megapixel rear camera with Dual LED flash, OIS, EIS, and Laser Dual Pixel Phase Detection. With machine learning, no human interaction is necessary for a service to improve. With Pixel 2, it's now even easier to access Google Assistant with a new feature called Active Edge.

There is an adaptability to the double camera that can't be coordinated by a solitary focal point unit, and focuses should without a doubt be deducted from the Google Pixel 2 camera for this oversight. Also new with the v29.0 update, you can now swap out the full "Google" logo in favor of a much simpler "G" design. The overall camera score (photo+video) of Google's handsets is 98. However, it has been confirmed now as it is written clearly in the footnotes of the Pixel 2 listing on Google store.

The Pixel is Google's flagship phone, created to show off the best possible version of the company's Android mobile operating system.

The Google Pixel 2 seems to be launching with a lot of exclusive features that other devices running stock Android seemingly won't receive (at least not soon).

The translation is now processed at Google's artificial intelligence-focused data centers, where the audio is first converted to text, translated, and then turned back into speech, Quartz reports. But, turns out Pixel 2′s unlimited photo storage isn't really unlimited forever. If you are a passenger playing music or connecting your phone to the auto, then it may still determine you as the driver rather than the passenger.

The feature will have to be activated from the Quickbar Settings as it is optional but you may also keep the regular one. You can always get the chargers from Amazon.

The new smartphones come with high-resolution displays and high-definition stereo speakers.