Facebook Messenger lets you send or receive money via PayPal


It's also worth noting that Messenger users in the US have been able to pay one another inside the app since March 2015, requiring people to enter their debit card information as a method of payment.

PayPal announced today that you can use Facebook Messenger to send money. The integration also brings a PayPal customer service bot that can handle questions and requests for help right from within the Facebook Messenger window.

In 2016, PayPal tied up with Facebook Messenger to allow more than 2.5 million USA customers to to shop on Messenger using PayPal and enable Messenger as a means of communication between PayPal users.

Sending and requesting money on Messenger is an easy affair as long as PayPal users log onto their accounts inside Messenger or avail of the option to link their Messenger and PayPal accounts when they make purchases online.

It's not the first time for PayPal to be integrated within a service, as Apple's Siri already supports making payments via voice commands on iOS, with transactions activated via Touch ID, if available. Once you tap on it, follow the step by step instructions provided to you in order to send the funds. Just go to your Facebook Messenger app and open a particular profile. Over here, you need to enter the amount you like to send or receive and add a short note. The partnership between the two companies began a year ago and today's announcement is an extension to that. It'll bring up two options and you can just move on with PayPal from there. But for users who are not comfortable using a debit card or credit card online and prefer PayPal payments, Facebook has introduced this new feature which allows you to pay your friends using your PayPal account.

To access the feature - in both one-on-one chats and group chats - tap on the blue plus icon, then select the green colored Payments button, and then select PayPal to send funds. But it would soon be available also on Android. Share your views with us in the comments.