EPA chief says administration to roll back Obama's clean power plan


A draft proposal of the Environmental Protection Agency's looming decision, leaked late last week and posted online, says the plan - which would have limited carbon emissions from power plants and, in the process, drastically reduced the amount of coal-generated electricity in the USA - goes beyond the bounds of federal law and unnecessarily hikes energy prices for consumers. It aimed to reduce USA power industry's carbon dioxide pollution levels 32 percent below the 2005 levels by 2030.

Pruitt, who sued EPA over the rule when he was Oklahoma attorney general, slammed the Obama administration today during his remarks.

The Clean Power Plan aimed to dramatically lessen the greenhouse-gas emissions that scientists agree are fueling the planet's rapid warming, contributing to climate change and erratic, risky weather patterns. The economy is already changing over to use natural gas, wind, and solar power since these sources are cheaper than coal.

"Here's the president's message: The war on coal is over", EPA administrator Scott Pruitt told a gathering in the Kentucky coal-country town of Hazard.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says the Trump administration will withdraw from Obama-era Clean Power Plan to slow global warming. Almost 200 countries have committed to combat global warming by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

"Under the interpretation proposed in this notice, the CPP (Clean Power Plan) exceeds the EPA's statutory authority and would be repealed", wrote a copy of the the leaked proposal obtained by the United States media. A plant-specific approach "would be grossly insufficient to address the public health and environmental impacts from Carbon dioxide emissions", Obama's EPA said. In the past decade, the Supreme Court has ruled that the government must put a plan in place to live up to the Clean Air Act three separate times. It's pretty embarrassing that they don't actually have a different plan ready to go, they just see something that's good for the environment and want to destroy it. "They're using stall tactics to defer action, ignoring the courts and the demands of the American people".

The Trump administration calls it the end of the war on coal, but environmental groups say departing from a key climate change initiative is risky.

Many coal plants closed down and thousands of miners lost their jobs. Supporters of the Clean Power Plan will be looking for ways to challenge the Trump administration's moves in court.

In February, he nixed a rule that stopped mining companies from dumping waste into streams, and in March, Pruitt said he would stop collecting methane emissions from 15,000 oil and gas operations.