Eighth boy dies after Ikea dresser crushes him


Daniel J. Mann, the family's lawyer, said the family is "absolutely distraught" by the accident, ABC News reports.

Still, in February 2016, another 22-month-old boy was crushed after the dresser fell on him. "It didn't contact any furniture".

'What makes this death more heartbreaking is the fact that last year's so-called recall was poorly publicized by Ikea and ineffective in getting these defective and unstable dressers out of children's bedrooms across the country'.

Feldman added, "It has always been our view that furniture stability should be built into a dresser and anchoring should be a secondary method of securing furniture". The company will also send fix crews to customers' homes to help them anchor affected chests and dressers to the wall, at no cost.

Ikea also said the company's "hearts go out to the affected family, and we offer our honest condolences during this most hard time".

Ikea recalled a total of 29 million items sold in the USA previous year after the products failed industry safety tests because they could fall over when unattached to a wall. The American Academy of Pediatrics, Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America, Kids In Danger, the National Center for Health Research, Public Citizen, Shane's Foundation, and U.S. PIRG issued the statement Wednesday calling on CPSC and Ikea to increase efforts to spread the word of the recalled dresser.

According to ABC, a tentative $50 million settlement is in the works for three previous deaths when the dresser flipped over on toddlers.

"We have to do better, because these are just ticking land mines in a child's bedroom."
At the time they offered a full refund for any pieces manufactured between 2002 and 2016, or a free fix kit that included a wall anchor to prevent the tall items from tipping. It was only after Ted's death that IKEA agreed to a recall of Malm dressers as well as other furniture that contained similar safety and stability defects. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, which published extensive investigations into the issue, last year's recall covered 29 million dressers.

In numerous other Ikea tip-over cases a child was injured but not killed, and Mann said he's sure there are tip-overs that are never reported at all because a child was not harmed.

"Sadly, Jozef's death was completely avoidable, had IKEA adhered to safe design standards", attorney Alan M. Feldman said in a statement.

"The true tragedy is there might be more of these in the future", Mann said.