Arrow launcher is now Microsoft launcher, also gets some new features


Microsoft has now announced that it is introducing its Edge browser for platforms like Android and iOS.

It is time once again to take a look at the latest extensions to become available to Windows 10 users on the Microsoft Edge browser. Continue on PC though requires you to have the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which arrives on October 17th. When Microsoft released Windows 10, the company made it a bit hard for the users to change the default browser and also promoted Edge browser inside the operating system. How nice! Today, we are also launching a preview release of our new Microsoft Launcher for Android. We have told you for a while that Microsoft is really upping the ante by bringing a lot of new apps to both iOS and Android. It is only available for the users in the U.S. In order to install the preview edition of Microsoft Edge on an iOS device, users will have to undergo an intricate process.

Launched as part of Windows 10 and created to replace the ageing Internet Explorer, Microsoft's Edge browser has not been an unalloyed success. Now, you're either showing up as "Active" when you're using the app, and your contacts will see you as "Last seen x hours/days ago" when you're no longer active. The best part here is for those who use Microsoft Edge on their laptops and PCs. This includes things liken Reading List, your favourites and more.

After listening to user feedback, the company has finally changed its stance and will implement an easier way to change your status in the new Skype apps.

In the same post, Microsoft also unveiled that its "Arrow Launcher" project for Android is being updated and renamed to Microsoft Launcher.

Interested users can log in to Microsoft Launcher page on Google Play store (HERE) and enrol as the tester and once you complete to the formality, he/she can proceed to download and install the application.

The launch is limited in scope for now, however. Plus there's no support for Android tablets and iPad yet. Just swipe to the right and you'll see the important information that you need like events, top news, recent activities, recently used apps, and the people that you added as your Favorites.