Amazon's Alexa can now recognise different voices


In order to enable this new feature on your Alexa-equipped device, you have to set up a voice profile. Voice profiles work with the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show, as well as the upcoming Echo and Echo Plus.

That's why when Google introduced the Google Home speakers, they upped the game by introducing voice recognition to let users tune the assistant for various users using the device.

Many voice assistants also are beyond a counter decoration, with an eMarketer study finding that 36 million Americans will use a voice-enabled speaker at least once a month this year, primarily driven by millennials.

To get started, head on over to the Alexa app and select the "Your Voice" option.

One of the biggest features that Google has touted recently is voice recognition.

After recognizing the voice, Alexa can deliver personalized results in the form of music playback, shopping, news briefings, messages and Alexa-to-Alexa calling. However, Amazon promises voice recognition will be made available to other additional Alexa features sometime in the near future.

In addition, users who have set a voice confirmation code for shopping, now no longer have to say the code as Alexa already recognizes the voice linked to that account. Alexa will recognize their voice without you having to manually switch between profiles, or tell Alexa who you are. You do have to go into the app and set this up.

Now you will be shown 10 phrases to read outloud, so that Alexa can learn your voice. The original Echo was first made available in late 2014 for select Amazon Prime subscribers, and that means the Alexa AI has been learning new tricks and features for almost three years.