Affordable and Portable Oculus Go Headset Announced


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new virtual reality headset at the VR developer conference in San Jose Oct. 11.

Announcing the device at the Oculus Connect 4 event, Facebook-owned Oculus said that the new standalone headset category would bring "more freedom and accessibility to VR".

Tagged Oculus Go (because you can, well, go anywhere with it) the device has a 2018 release date. Price-wise, this offer from Oculus has gone down to competing with the more affordable headsets designed for Windows Mixed Reality.

In terms of specifications, the headset features high-resolution fast-switch LCD screen for visual clarity and reducing "screen door effect" (SDE). Developers will have the new Oculus Go in their hands in November for making the most specialized programs. It doesn't boast full motion tracking like the Oculus Touch controllers, but instead offers basic motion tracking - and we don't think this is only to keep costs down.

"The Oculus Go untethered headset price is on-point - given the right content and quality, this could be a key driver for VR to reach the mainstream", she told MCV. However, he expects that his company will, one day, be the one gets billions of people into VR. The Oculus Go will arrive with lenses the same as Oculus Rift's wide field-of-view. From the wired version, Oculus now has a wireless pair in the form of Oculus GO.

Aside from revealing the Oculus Go, the social network company [VIDEO] also shared the development of its wireless virtual reality device, called Project Santa Cruz. That includes the use of a special fabric for the facial interface that makes it equally soft as well as breathable. Zuckerberg also said that this new device would come with other apps that the Gear VR had integrated. Spatial audio is built directly into the headset with the hopes of providing an immersive experience as you move around without the need for separate headphones. Named Oculus Go, the biggest USP of the headset is its standalone feature, which in other words translates to its capability to function independently without requiring tethering to a smartphone or computer.