2 prison workers killed, 3 at hospital 'critical'


Officials have identified two North Carolina prison employees who were killed when inmates at a sewing plant started a fire in an unsuccessful escape attempt Thursday.

Ultimately, no inmates escaped, authorities said.

Four hours after the incident was first reported, the prison was still locked down, but the situation was "under control" and no inmates have escaped.

Several employees of a North Carolina prison have been injured during an attempted inmate escape.

They didn't disclose how officer Justin Smith and Correction Enterprises manager Veronica Darden were killed at the Pasquotank Correctional Institution in Elizabeth City.

The Pasquotank County Sheriff's Department and the State Bureau of Investigation are investigating the incident. The prison is now under control and locked down, with all inmates accounted for in multiple counts.

Pasquotank Correctional Institution houses 725 male inmates. The state's Prison Emergency Response Team, a tactical unit, rushed to the facility along with police.

Lockdowns at Northside Elementary School, Elizabeth City Middle School, and Pasquotank County High School were lifted shortly after 5 p.m. Fires were set in the jail sewing plant and a few workers were harmed, as indicated by the tweet.

"Those who work in our prisons do a hard and demanding job that is critical to our safety".

It wasn't immediately known how many employees were injured.

Walker did not name the hospital but a Sentara Healthcare spokesman said Thursday evening that three patients admitted to Sentara Albemarle Medical Center as a result of the prison incident were transferred to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk.

All afternoon activities at the schools have been cancelled.