Xbox Has A Clever Way To Save Hard Drive Space


After Windows and Xbox converged into a single OS for game development, Microsoft came up with UWP application model allowing game developers to publish their games for both Windows 10 and Xbox One through Windows Store.

Later on, if you have finished the story and just play multiplayer then you could delete the campaign part of the game in order to make space for other games and apps that you use or want to try out. Another example, reportedly given by Microsoft, is games with multi-language support.

Xbox One X intelligent delivery allows the developers to format the game in chunks and the user can download the parts of the game that are needed. It will allow players to delete content they are not using, like multiplayer modes for example.

Xbox One X supports 4K gaming and with that in mind, you can expect that game files to be huge.

In addition, the Intelligent Delivery system will prevent Xbox One owners from having to download the 4K assets that will be used by Xbox One X consoles, as those assets will not be supported by the Xbox One. A developer could give their customers the option of uninstalling certain features to help reduce the size of a game's download.

This also opens the door for developers to deliver their games on multiple discs once again - something that was once common a few generations ago, and persisted on Xbox 360 for larger games.

"We have over 100 games with Xbox One X enhancements".

The tech could be available as soon as the Xbox One X launch on November 7. But what's impressive here is that the system of chunks and tags devised to address this challenge has been expanded out to offer space savings for many other scenarios unrelated to the arrival of the new console.

As of now, it is still not clear how developers will be using this new feature, or if they will at all since there is no indication of it being mandatory.

As games get bigger, Microsoft has cooked up a sly way to keep Xbox One and Xbox One X download times down, not to mention save on hard drive space.