Whatsapp introduces PIP mode for video-calling


Nonetheless, WhatsApp has always tried new possibilities to make their messaging platform attractive by adding new capabilities and improving its existing features. WhatsApp will now feature the much-awaited picture-in-picture support.

The feature of Picture-In-Picture mode is that users can now decide the size of the video calling window according to their size.

The Picture-in-Picture mode has been on of the most talked about features ever since the launch of the developer build of Android Oreo earlier this year.

The second feature is the ability to put text as your status update. prior to this, users could only update photos as a status updates.

The instant messaging app has been testing the picture-in-picture for video calls since July.

The PIP mode allows users to move the picture around and resize it, while multitasking. With this update, you will now be able to write your favourite quotes on a colourful background of your choice in the font you like. It is different from the profile text status. Users can click on the colour palette icon to change the background colour.

WhatsApp rolls out two new feature for both Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp has been trying to bring in many new features on the app recently. Let's tell you that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, is the world's largest social networking website. Similar to the picture statuses, the text status too will stay for a day, that is, 24 hours.

Talking about the new WhatsApp features, the picture-in-picture basically comes in handy when you want to do multiple things at the same time. Similarly, users will be able to go back to home screen or any other app by tapping the back button during the call on the main chat screen.