United States rapper to 'go harder' with gay anthem at NRL final


Mr Abbott's tweet opposing the song has generated much discussion in Australia, and drawn criticism.

Of course, "Same Love" touches on the issue of same-sex marriage, which the country is now participating in a very expensive postal survey on.

Commonwealth Attorney-General George Brandis, who is a senate member from the same party as Abbott, hit back against the request on ABC News Breakfast.

But with the nation in the midst of a two-month postal ballot to gauge public opinion toward legalizing gay marriage, some opponents of change want "Same Love" censored.

'Macklemore has got some good songs, he's got one of them which made the top ten which doesn't sit well with me politcally. I think there was a petition today to ban me from playing it.

Former PM Tony Abbott for example, is one such idiot chiming in with his blatant hypocrisy, and now Macklemore himself has returned serve, appropriately calling those kicking up a stink "angry old white dudes".

The petition, initiated this week by a former rugby league player Tony Wall, said it would be hard to watch the final "with a LGBTIQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer] anthem taking center stage". "I'll tell you what I spent a lot of time in England, spent a lot of time back here".

Despite the opposition, the NRL remained firm on its choice of Macklemore to perform "Same Love" at the grand final. "I think there is a petition today to ban me from playing", he told U.S. radio.

Speaking on the U.S. radio show The Cruz Show, Macklemore addressed the incredibly dumb controversy in Australia.

Australians campaigning for marriage equality.

"I'm getting a lot of tweets from angry old white dudes in Australia", the rapper said in a radio interview, before saying that the reaction was only going to make him "go harder" for the cause that he believed in.

Ricki Lee is performing the national anthem this weekend at the NRL Grand Final and she caught up with Ash London and had a few things to say about the backlash over Macklemore performing his hit Same Love.