Trump's Longtime Aide Named White House Communications Director


Hope Hicks, 28, will have the interim tag dropped from her title as the White House's communications director.

Before being tapped as the interim White House communications director last month, Hicks served as Trump's director of strategic communications.

Hicks previously worked for the Trump Organization, the Trump family's privately owned global conglomerate, including Ivanka Trump's fashion company.

When Trump visited Mar-a-Lago a year ago, Hicks' family traveled to visit as well, The New York Times reports. She has only tweeted three times. As long as Hicks doesn't give any "off the record" interviews with The New Yorker, she should have some better job security.

Hicks has been with Trump since the day the former real estate mogul launched his campaign for president in June 2015.

It appears the feeling is mutual.

Hicks contracted previous Justice Department lawyer Robert Trout to speak to her as extraordinary guidance Robert Mueller keeps exploring conceivable agreement between Trump partners and Russian Federation amid the decision, as indicated by a report.

Her relationship with the Trump family began while she was an employee of Hiltzik Strategies, a NY public relations firm, where she worked on projects for Ivanka Trump, the President's eldest daughter. Lewandowski, according to GQ, simply replied, "You made a big fucking mistake; you're fucking dead to me".

In May she was mocked on social media after issuing a rare statement in response to a Washington Post article that suggested Mr Trump belittles his staff in private. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the White House Press Secretary and Stephanie Grisham is the Communications Director for first lady Melania Trump.

Here's how Vogue note that Hicks "joined" the campaign. Hicks is a 2010 graduate of Southern Methodist University, where she majored in English and played club lacrosse. She's also among the highest-paid employees of Trump's White House.