Trump says he's putting political neck on line in Ala. race


Trump boasted of his week at the United Nations and how he was standing up to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, reviving and adding to his nickname for him - now "little Rocket Man".

He also says "Rocket Man should have been handled a long time ago" by previous presidents. Luther Strange that "We can't have madmen out there shooting rockets all over the place".

Twice ousted from the bench, the U.S. Senate contender has a history of provocative comments that have simultaneously made him a lightning rod for controversy and propelled his popularity in the conservative Deep South state. "We're going to do it because we have no choice".

President Trump spoke in Huntsville, Alabama tonight. The two Republicans traded jabs at a Thursday night debate, with unusual stressing that "the president supports me" and Moore arguing that McConnell and the "elite Washington establishment" were trying to influence the race.

"So, nobody ever called you 'Big Luther?' " Trump said.

Then, without much warning, Trump returned to his prepared remarks touting unusual.

Trump also referenced National Football League ratings, which are down so far this year, and blamed the low numbers on the protests negatively affecting the game.

The speech was well over an hour in length.

Trump also used his time to discuss his hard stance against North Korea.

But even he acknowledged his alliance with the appointed senator was somewhat odd given the fact that so many of his allies - such as former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, former national security aide Sebastian Gorka and former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin - are all backing Strange's opponent, former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. Luther Strange in the Republican runoff election.

Smith said the union won't shy away from "protecting the constitutional rights of our players as citizens as well as their safety as men who compete in a game that exposes them to great risks". Luther Strange, against a conservative firebrand in Roy Moore - whom Republican Party leaders have spent millions against in an effort to defeat him. Luther Strange in Alabama on Friday night.

Moore took aim at Strange's background as a federal lobbyist, a fact that he said was at odds with Strange's claim that he wants to "clean up the swamp".

If Moore defeats Strange, Trump said he would "campaign like hell for him", but predicted "the fake news" media would make a Strange loss all about Trump's failure "to pull his candidate across the line".

"No, Russia did not help me", Trump said.

Several athletes, including NFL players, have been refusing to stand during the national anthem as a protest of the treatment of blacks by police.

Carson lauded what he called Moore's "Judeo-Christian values", and said "it is these values we must return to in order to make America great again", borrowing from Trump's own campaign slogan.

Nancy Worley, Chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party has something to say about the Presidential visit to Alabama on Friday. But there's also the quiet fear that Moore is a weaker general-election candidate than odd and would be a more unpredictable senator.