Times Kangana Ranaut Was The Embodiment Of Empowerment


Kangana Ranaut is definitely the most fearless actress in Bollywood.

The hilariously unabashed video, has the actress exposing the flimsy investment of legitimate content on an actress' role in the film, with her involvement being limited to titillating the audience and cashing in on its inherent voyeurism.

In the song, Kangana takes a dig at Hrithik Roshan as well as Aditya Pancholi.

The 30-year old actress has one 200 crore film (Krrish 3) and one 100 crore film (Tanu Weds Manu Returns) to her credit. She demanded an apology from the actor for causing trauma. With a strong willed persona of own Kangana Ranaut has always Kangana Ranaut is known to be one of the most straight forward actresses today, who has emerged triumphant battling all the odds on her own terms and condition.

Kangana Ranaut is hitting headlines since the past few days for her various revelations in all her recent interviews and especially the ones about her past relationships and existing nepotism in Bollywood. Wahab also dissed all the accusations. She also highlighted the glorious entry style of a hero that is often depicted in Karan Johar movies.

If you are familiar with Kangana Ranaut's journey in Bollywood, you know that Aditya Pancholi had taken her under his wing when she had just arrived in Mumbai and was looking for her big break.

On the same note, after posting a series of tweets, Pancholi deleted his Twitter handle.

"It's my humble request to all the media platforms out there!" First of all, I never discuss my problems with my own sisters so who is she (Kangana) to me that I will go and discuss with her that if he's not coming home I will be happy. His then tweeted, "I have nothing against anyone and I would like to keep away from the mess".