Record number of terror-related arrests


The Home Office said Thursday there were 379 arrests for terror-related offences in the 12-month period ending June 2017.

There was also a leap in arrests for "domestic" terrorism, up from 10 in the year to June 2016 to 52 in the latest period.

A total of 379 people were held on suspicion of terror-related crimes in the year to June - more than one every day.

It includes dozens of people held in swoops in the wake of the horrific attacks in London and Manchester, earlier this year.

The figures have soared by 68 per cent since previous year, reaching the highest level since records began. The numbers also reveal the highest ever number of female arrests, with a total of 54 women, including 17 under the age of 18, detained.

The graph above quotes statistics from the National Counter Terrorism Police Operations Centre, a branch from the National Police Chiefs' Council.

The figures show roughly half of the people arrested were released without being charged.

Mark White explained: "Quite often what you see with the likes of a terrorist attack, a lot of people who are initially arrested - they could be family members, friends and associates of someone who has carried out an attack - but after questioning and detailed investigations these people are often released without charge".

The UK has suffered a torrid year of terror attacks, with five killed in the Westminster Bridge attack, 22 dying in the Manchester Arena bombing and eight killed in the London Bridge atrocity.

This category refers to activity linked to or motivated by any terrorist group that is based outside the United Kingdom which operates in and from third countries, such as Islamic State. Hundreds of Facebook users hailed Cardiff man Darren Osborne as a "true hero" and "patriot" after he drove a van into pedestrians by the Finsbury Park Mosque, the Independent reported.