OK National Guardsmen Deployed To Harvey-Affected Texas


Because the storm's track keeps changing, their plans include every part of the state, from the west to the coast.

More than half of the 131 Airmen who deployed to Puerto Rico on September 7 also took part in the Hurricane Harvey mission, according to Capt. Linda Varela, the 106th Rescue Wing executive officer.

The National Guard sought volunteers for the Florida mission so that soldiers now enrolled in college would not have to disrupt their education, Bartman said. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin's adjutant general said in the release. They will mostly focus on rescuing people trapped by floodwaters.

NYTF-2 Urban Search and Rescue Team will head to the State of Florida in support of Florida Emergency Services as they prepare and respond to the impacts of Hurricane Irma upon that State.

"We've got two task forces down there", AG Wilham said, "each of about 500 soldiers". A statement from the agency says soldiers were deploying Thursday to the U.S. Virgin Islands with two Blackhawk helicopters.

The combined aircraft on the Wasp, the Kearsarge and the Oak Hill included three UH-1Y Marine Utility Helicopters, three CH-53E Marine Heavy Lift Helicopters, five MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft and nine MH-60S Navy Medium Lift Helicopters, NorthCom said.

"The mission is really going to be dictated by (Hurricane) Irma more than what people can predict at this point", Waltzer said.

"How long we stay is more up to Irma than it is up to us", he said.

The compact helps to make sure licensing and permits are accepted across state lines in disasters as well as making sure insurance, liability and reimbursement issues are streamlined and not bogged down by interstate incompatibility.

As Irma moves north along Florida's Gulf Coast, the storm is expected to push waves of 20 feet and higher up the East Coast, according to ABC11 meteorologist Steve Stewart. Getting supplies and resources into the state quickly will help speed recovery and get the state's economy running again.