Nintendo SNES Classic just launched, and it's already selling out


However, the Treasure Trucks in some of those cities are already sold out of the SNES Classic.

With that in mind, here's everything we know about the machine and the confirmed games that come pre-installed. The hard to find console apparently had the company thinking of other ways to cash in on the retro gaming phase, thus we've arrived at the reveal of the Super Nintendo Classic.

The game system comes with pre-loaded games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and more. The original was the best-selling video game console of its time. The Tracker in stock alerts arenow also available on Twitter.

"Nintendo will ship more units of the system on launch day in the US than were shipped of the NES Classic Edition system all a year ago", reads a line in press releases that Nintendo issued Thursday morning and earlier this month. Most notably, it also includes Star Fox 2, a game which was completed but never officially released publicly. A teardown of the SNES Classic has revealed that the console reuses the same technology and processing components are found in the NES Classic.

Amazon - Amazon opened up preorders for the SNES Classic months back, and it hasn't gone on sale since, even today. It is priced at $79.99 in the States. The stock has rode the momentum of its Switch console and its NES Classic to a 77.3 percent gain year-to-date. "That was another complaint with the NES Classic - that the cord was really short".

The NES Classic Mini featured 30 games (although you could add more by hacking the machine), all accessible through a smart, easy-to-use scrollable menu system. But you can argue that's perhaps part of the charm. But with the NES Classic set to rerelease next summer, Nintendo might just be riding that classic console gravy train for the foreseeable future.