Mt. Agung rumbles, Bali prepares for major volcanic eruption


By now, more than 50,000 people (out of more than 60,000) from the most threatened areas in the exclusion zones have been reported to have evacuated their homes.

"This number of seismicity is an unprecedented seismic observation at Agung volcano ever recorded by our seismic networks", the Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation said in a statement.

Hoaxes have proliferated online, with videos of previous eruptions in Indonesia circulated as current events at Mount Agung.

Arrivals at the Denpasar global airport remain stable at about 50,000 to 60,000 per day.

The BNPB report an increase in the movement of magma to the surface of Mount Agung, prompting more deep volcanic earthquakes.

Mount Agung is one of more than 120 active volcanoes extending the length of Indonesia, which straddles the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Even as Bali's Mount Agung threatens to erupt, airlines flying from Singapore to the Indonesian tourist island say they are continuing to monitor the situation, though flights are still operating according to schedule.

"There will definitely be an impact on (sales of) tour packages but we don't know the figures yet", said Agustinus Pake Seko of PT Bayu Buana travel agency.

Around 62,000 people live within the danger zone around the volcano, however not all have chose to evacuate.

The reminder follows a warning issued by local authorities following the possibility of a volcanic eruption.

Working to evacuate and feed the animals along with JAAN is Bali NGO, BARC, as well as Animals Indonesia.

"I think it could happen but.maybe we'd have to stay here a couple more days, so nothing to worry about", he said.

"No eruption. That is my prayer", she said.

Many Indonesians live near volcanoes because lava flows can make the surrounding soil and land fertile for farming.

"There will only be a relatively small number of United Kingdom holidaymakers on the island at this time of year, although Bali is a major tourist destination for the Australian market".

The island's main tourist areas and flights remain unaffected for now.