Made bomb injures 29 on packed London commuter train


In a statement, Congressman Robert Pittenger said this vicious terrorist attack on innocent commuters in London with an improvised explosive device once again reflects the harsh reality of these barbaric adversaries.

The latest version of his travel ban, initially announced in a botched late-January rollout, calls for a ban on people entering the USA from a short list of terror-prone countries that are also Muslim-majority nations.

"The travel ban into the United States should be far larger, tougher and more specific - but stupidly, that would not be politically correct", the president said in a series of tweets.

Scotland Yard also dismissed the Trump's claims.

"Another attack in London by a loser terrorist", the USA president tweeted. The other issue is that the White House is full of enablers, including chief of staff John Kelly, who simply won't stand up to Trump, take his phone away, and tell him to stop tweeting.

'Another attack in London by a loser terrorist, ' Trump tweeted. "We have to be tougher and we have to be smarter".

Trump called the British prime minister to offer his condolences over the attack on a subway train, which injured 22 people.

On Twitter, Trump called the explosion another attack "by a loser terrorist".

Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London, said that his city "utterly condemns the disgusting individuals who attempt to use terror to harm us and destroy our way of life". We need the courts to give us back our rights.

But according to Bloomberg, the British prime minister expressed her displeasure with Trump's remarks directly to the president himself. In June, he responded to an assault on London Bridge by tweeting that, "we need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!"

Trump mischaracterized remarks Khan had made by suggesting the mayor had said there was "no reason to be alarmed" about the attack itself.

The arguments will focus on the legality of the ban on travelers from six Muslim majority countries and any refugees.

The travel ban bars certain people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the US. His post comes ahead of a key Supreme Court hearing next month on the constitutionality of his executive order on the ban.