Lindsey Graham: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Supports Obamacare Block Grant Repeal


The South Carolina senator called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel to make time for a vote on this legislation.

Republicans in the Senate only have until September 30 to pass a repeal-and-replace bill under "budget reconciliation" rules that waive the usual 60-vote threshold in the Senate, Timothy Jost, emeritus law professor at Washington and Lee University, said Wednesday in a Health Affairs blog. "But we got to stay focused on getting healthy people in the pool, either with a stick or with a carrot". John McCain, one of the three no votes that killed the last repeal attempt. That measure is unlikely to advance in the GOP controlled Senate. "Every time that I think I can finally sleep at night, they come out with another bad bill - because my Affordable Care Act policy is what's keeping me alive".

For one thing, the bill, H.R. 1628, would rely on block grants.

The senator from SC continued, saying "we need to have a game plan to get this done, and I am confident that if we got on the floor of the United States Senate talking about a block grant, Republicans would rally all over the country and come to our side and the average American would pick state-controlled health care over Bernie Sanders Washington-based health care". So far there seems to be broad support across party lines for funding cost-sharing reduction payments that the president has threatened to end while making it easier for states to tweak their health care programs.

"Here's what they're doing: they're comparing funding levels under their block grant in 2026 to funding levels under the ACA in 2020". Bernie Sanders' single-payer bill, which also was introduced on Wednesday.

Graham and Cassidy are expected to unveil Wednesday their latest proposal to overhaul health care, but rank-and-file members aren't sounding too optimistic. States would have the ability to roll back protections for vulnerable populations - especially those living with HIV and hepatitis.

The timing is of the announcement is particularly notable.


Sen. Dean Heller is a co-sponsor of the GOP plan.

Indeed, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday is offering his competing plan - "Medicare for all". Elizabeth Warren of MA, have already signed on to Mr. Sanders' bill.

"We don't see a lot of Democrats and Republicans lining up to increase the enforcement or the size of the penalty on the individual mandate", Jennings, founder and president of Washington-based Jennings Policy Strategies Inc., said in an interview last week.

Health care experts dispute this characterization, saying it will be impossible for states to keep their current systems as the funding shrivels up and disappears.

Graham warned that if Republicans fail to pass his bill, a single-payer system like the kind proposed by Sen. "We need leadership. We don't need commentary".