Lights still out for 5.8 million U.S. customers after Irma


In Miami-Dade County, 277,000 utility customers remained without power.

Electricity remained out Thursday night for about 21 percent of utility customers across the state, as crews continued gradually restoring power after Hurricane Irma.

FPL, the state's largest utility, said its outages dropped to around 1.9 million customers on Wednesday from a peak of more than 3.6 million on Monday. Locations without power have been flagged to the state to help utilities prioritize their work, the group said in a statement.

Over 100 people were evacuated from the building to a nearby shelter.

Florida's second biggest power company, Duke, serving the northern and central parts of the state, said it still had about 1.2 million outages Tuesday morning, according to the company's website, while Duke's outages in North and SC climbed to about 160,000.

According to St. Johns County, Florida Power & Light (FPL) and JEA continue to report significant power outages throughout the county.

An online form on FPL's website started making the rounds on social media Friday promising customers could file a $200 claim for food that spoiled during power outages caused by Hurricane Irma. Among the damage, the company said, were more than 1,000 power poles, 2,000 trees and 350 transformers.

"The data that you're asking for is not something that's as granular as we have at this stage in the restoration".

Duke Energy Corp, which serves the northern and central parts of Florida, said on its website it expects to restore service to most customers by midnight September 17. He held calls with utility companies and directed the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) to provide law enforcement escorts to utility vehicles to ensure that they can quickly and safely reach communities still in need. But those hoping to get their money back from Florida Power and Light are out of luck.

Tens of thousands of customers in Pinellas County on the state's west coast still don't have electricity as well.