Lady Gaga 'taking a rest' from music


Lady Gaga is planning to take a break from music when her current world tour ends, so she can do a little "healing".

The Grammy Award winning superstar told reporters about her upcoming break at the Toronto Film Festival, during the press conference for her Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two. I look forward to reflect, slow down a moment and heal, because this is very important, " she said. We get to see private Gaga - conducting a meeting while topless in her backyard, crying and "in pain" from a past injury and playing a personal song for her father and grandmother. 'My love life has just imploded, ' she cried.

The singer "shows so much humanity in the film", said Moukarbel.

Gaga recently shot a remake of "A Star is Born", co-starring Bradley Cooper. I sold 10 million [records] and lost Matt [Williams]. I did a movie and lost Taylor. "It's hard", she said, "but it's liberating too".

From the beginning of the documentary, the subject of the Super Bowl is front and center - the film opens with Gaga suspended in the air, moments before the show begins.

Gaga addresses her relationship with Madonna - which has always been the subject of rumors of drama after the iconic star was quoted saying that the singer's "Born This Way" single was a rip-off of her 1989 hit "Express Yourself". Gaga noticed that he wanted to "delay the time". It's true that many folks think money and fame can solve everything, but there are certain struggles that being famous can't touch, and this documentary may shed light on that. While tearing up, she said, "It's okay". I'm never not creating.