IPhone 8 Plus has the best smartphone camera


According to DXOmark, the cameras on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the best smartphone cameras in the market right now. DxOMark, a trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality has reviewed the new Apple iPhone 8 Plus and has given a rating of 94 out of 100 and iPhone 8 a score of 92.

While these DxO scores are not the last word in cameras and indeed many don't care much for these things, it is noteworthy that DxOMark scored the iPhone 8 Plus at 94, which is the highest score ever. It's Photo score of 96 is additionally another record, blowing past the Pixel's 90. It basically wipes the floor with every other rival flagship, including the well-received Google Pixel and HTC U11. "Of course, the Pixel is almost a year old now, so it makes sense that Apple's new flagship is breaking new ground". "[It's] the best-performing mobile device camera we have ever tested". The only issues with the camera setup were some autofocus issues and color casts in low light.

These devices are also the first mainstream phones to shoot 4K video at an astounding 60 frames per second so if you want a phone that achieves stellar results in both video and imaging categories, look no further than these.

On paper, the iPhone 8 Plus boasts of the same 12MP twin snappers as the iPhone 7 Plus. The most noticeable difference here is the glass back which enables wireless charging in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It'll be interesting to see how the iPhone X fares since it appears to have a superior camera system as compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.

There's a really nice comparison that shows iterative progress of detail preservation in the iPhone lineup, from the 5s through to the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 camera also had the same issues that were spotted in its bigger sibling. Regardless of a similar 12-megapixel determination as for the iPhone 5s, there is a wonderful contrast in picture quality which is to a great extent because of enhanced sensors and ISP.