IOS 11 Screen Recording Guide


Now with iOS 11, things are going to get interesting.

After several months of testing, the iOS version has finally arrived, and there's a lot to look forward to. Among the "hidden" new capabilities described today in Business Insider: the ability to transfer settings from one device to another; customize the appearance of the Control Center; share personal WiFi hotspots with others via Bluetooth; and record on-screen images via a built-in screen recorder. Apple advises users to access iTunes via trusted computers and then connect their devices to the computers. The most notable changes are under the hood, probably the reason why you've never heard of. "The user is not involved in the process, they don't have to have a Bluetooth connection active, just have Bluetooth on", Armis co-founder Nadir Izrael said. It takes a little more time than it would take from Control Center, but at least you don't have to worry about Wi-Fi or Bluetooth running in the background. This feature is helpful in recording the activities that we do on the screen. Here are some of them you might not have noticed. Let's see what's actually there inside this iOS 10.3.3 update.

iOS 11 has the new and updated Apple Maps.

Apple Maps now offers speed limits and lane guidance on highways and indoor maps for some airports and shopping malls. You can even search for the nearest restaurants or navigate through different floors.

Apple has approached the connectivity toggles in its shiny new Control Center overlay in a tad differently this time, it turns out. Doing this a pop-up notification will come. Using Airplane mode is another option.

But two of the most awaited iOS 11 features didn't make the cut and fall into the "coming soon", arena. However, you can always customise the feature to allow calls, text from your favorite contacts.

You can force quit any app by swiping up on it from the multitasking screen. Pop that recorder open, and you can easily save a video of any "disappearing" Snapchat or Instagram Story.

Currently, Apple iOS 11 is available to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But I still feel like I need to remind you that there's now a Files app on iPhone and iPad.

With iOS 11, you can scan documents using the Notes app.