Firefox Quantum Boasts 2X Speed Improvements


But as judged on one important metric, page-load speed, "Firefox Quantum is often perceivably faster" while using 30 percent less memory, Mozilla vice president of Firefox product said in a blog post Tuesday. Browsing is definitely faster by about two times as per the speedometer benchmark.

We encourage you to make your own comparisons, but here's a short video that captures our observations when comparing Firefox Quantum and Chrome on various websites. That's why, 15 years ago, Mozilla began a project initially called Phoenix to start over and in 2004 released Firefox 1.0. No other browser has a multi-process engine, Mozilla claimed.

In addition, Mozilla engineers said they fixed 468 small bugs in the past year alone, bugs which engineers claim were insignificant but were hampering overall performance, akin to death by a thousand papercuts.

The beta of Firefox 57 can be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Linux from Mozilla's website, but it cannot be run alongside the production-grade edition familiar to most users. The design (seen above) certainly looks and feels much more modern than Firefox's current look.

The interface is built for high-definition displays and includes tweaks for touch-screen Windows user interfaces, such as menus that change size depending on whether they're clicked with a mouse or touched with a finger.

For example, Mozilla replaced Firefox's Gecko CSS engine with Quantum CSS (aka Stylo) last month in August. You can expect square tabs, smooth animations, and a Library that provides quick access to bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads, tabs, and screenshots. When you open a new tab, you'll see now trending web pages recommended by Pocket users in addition to your top sites.

Firefox Quantum's beta also previewed a new user interface (UI), the first major redesign since 2011's Firefox 4. As part of its Project Photon initiative, Firefox is getting rid of the curved tab design that was both the source of identification and ridicule. Chrome's dominance undermines the web's independence with sites that don't work on other browsers, like Google Allo, Google Play Music and offline features of Google Docs.

As always, developers will want to take a close look at what's in the pipeline.

Firefox Quantum is available now in Beta on desktop, Android, and iOS before it's made available to all on 14 November.

The next update to Firefox is expected to be released later this week.